En-trakTM makes energy saving easy

En-trakTM is an award-winning, real-time energy monitoring system
designed and proven to help schools and businesses:

energy efficiency

energy costs

green efforts

You cannot manage what you don't measure

Energy costs are rising. You want to reduce your energy spending. But how can you when you don't have any data or useful information?

With En-trakTM, now you can know exactly where, when and how you are spending your energy dollars.

Since using En-trakTM, we saved over 20% in energy consumption. And we believe that we can do better. En-trakTM empowers us with real-time data to make good business decisions.

Nelson Lai, Group Human Resource Director, Shun Hing Group

Real-time energy data drives behavioural change and improves energy efficiency

With our powerful cloud-based analytics, you'll have detailed actionable insights across all your facilities.

This real-time visibility increases energy accountability and awareness among all stakeholders within your organization, reducing energy wastage and improving productivity.

En-trakTM helped us cut down our overnight energy consumption by more than 50%. We now have complete and accurate data to develop a strategic plan that saves costs.

Yau Chi Leung, Vice Principal, Yuen Long Merchant Sec. School

Trusted and proven by 100+ of customers

From multinational corporations to K-12 schools, these customers leverage our deep expertise to help manage and optimize their energy consumption.